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Implementation and Roll-out

With the business climate changing and things becoming fast paced, it has become necessary for business enterprises to adapt quickly to changes and improve its operational efficiencies and turnaround time. Hence, stagnant legacy systems are being replaced with ERP and CRM solutions.

Enthsquare, Inc. employs experts who are business analysts who really understand the clients’ industry and processes. They are willing to share their knowledge and offer practical advice. We always strive to implement projects in the agreed budget and timelines. However, ERP implementation projects can be very complex and costly but, with the right methodology and expertize the risks can be minimized and cost reduced.

Hence, we strictly follow Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology and industry best practices to deliver our solutions. It covers Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM suite of solutions and includes Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This is a proven methodology for implementation, upgrades, migration, customizations and integration ERP and CRM projects. Following this methodology helps us serve our customers better by helping them to reduce their Microsoft Dynamics total cost of ownership (TCO) and maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Customization and Development

We at Enthsquare, Inc. know that there are no “universal” ERP & CRM solutions. Every business is different even if they operate in the same industry. Similarly, Out-of-box solutions cannot satisfy all the requirements of a business. In fact, customizing and enhancing the business systems improve ROI, adoption and user acceptance. Even stabilized business systems require constant customizations to respond to internal and external factors.

It could be merely report modifications, enhancements to business process flows or full blown custom module or functionality development. We employ Business Analysts, Technical Consultants and Solution Architects who work together as a team to deliver the customizations.

Some of the custom development services we provide:

  • SSRS reports modifications and new reports development
  • Custom business logic/process development
  • Custom module development
  • Code review and compliance with Microsoft best practices
  • Release management

System Integration

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions are feature rich and include most of the functionality for a business to start and manage its operations. However, one encounters scenarios where the inbuilt functionality is either absent, insufficient or expensive to custom develop.

It makes perfect sense in such scenarios to enable MS Dynamics ERP/CRM systems to talk with other systems/applications and exchange necessary data. We employ Business Analysts, Technical Consultants and Solution Architects who work together as a team to deliver the integrations.

Some of the system integration services we provide:

  • Integration between Microsoft products: AX, CRM, Project, SharePoint and Office
  • Integration with 3rd party systems with Application Integration Framework (AIF) using:
  • File system
  • Middleware viz., MS BizTalk server
  • Web services

Support and Maintainence

Businesses and processes undergo continuous changes either due to internal and/or external factors. Your business systems must keep up with these changes or they cease to remain relevant and in fact become a bottleneck.

It is important to keep your ERP and CRM systems running smoothly is critical for any business. This is not possible without professional technical support and maintenance specialists monitoring your business systems and rolling out updates as and when needed.

Keeping this need in mind we provide the following support and maintenance services:

  • ITILv3 compliant system operations and support
  • Customized SLA backed support plans to suit your business needs
  • L1, L2 and L3 techno-functional support
  • Onsite and offsite support
  • Dedicated and On-demand technical support
  • Complete application support – includes your MS Dynamics AX and CRM solution and related technologies viz., MS SQL Server
  • 24/7 techno-functional support

Upgrade and Migration

Today’s business environment is dynamic and fast paced and businesses need to move forward constantly in order remain in business and relevant. Moving business forward will be easier if you stay current and take advantage of the software’s latest versions.

System upgrades provides the customers with the latest features, functionalities and improvements which enhance business processes and makes decision-making easier. We employ a team with necessary skills and expertise for executing complex upgrades.

All upgrades and migrations are unique but, broadly the process works as follows:

Corporate Training

Maximizing Return on Investments (ROI) in ERP and CRM systems require investment in people (end users), not just in technology. ERP and CRM systems require a committed and knowledgeable team to be effective. We understand that learning new systems can be a daunting task.

We employ expert certified trainers who share their experience and expertise with the clients’ end users and empower them with confidence and skills required to be successful.

We provide the following training services for MS Dynamics AX, CRM and Office 365:

  • Comprehensive training – detailed training on all modules
  • Rapid-Start training – essential training on all modules covering company specific business processes
  • Custom training – training programs specially designed to meet specific business requirements
  • Custom content development – videos, user manuals, quick reference sheets, etc.
  • Both onsite and remote training

System Optimization

Optimization of deployed ERP and CRM systems could be required due to any reason like, slow system performance, cumbersome and ineffective reporting tools or simply the hardware is at the end of its life cycle. Many times, performance issues crop up over time which affects business operations and users’ productivity. It is advisable in such circumstances to optimize the systems so that they live up to the expectations.

Enthsquare, Inc. has at its disposal the right combination of necessary technical resources – business analysts, technical consultants, solution architects, hardware and networking consultants to help you sail through this process.

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